Things I don't give a flying duck about

(I chose a nice calming picture to contrast the post nicely)

I recently read 'The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F##k', and whilst it did not change my life (although worth a read) it did give me time to ponder what I don't actually give a sticky wicket about, so here is my list:

1. Clean eating. For the love of God just let me eat cake in peace. I also think it is quite a dangerous fad, see this documentary for my reasons why.

2. Being 'on fleek'. Sounds like a disease and frankly I only want to wear black things or anything adorned with Mickey Mouse's face. Or pajamas. Also I don't know how people make their eyebrows pointy at the end.

3. Justin Beiber. No explanation necessary.

4. Organic food. Will probably regret this one but I truly believe if I eat enough vegetable chemicals I will develop a super power.

5. The men's England's football manager. England will lose, said manager will be accused of being rubbish/paid too much, will be fired and replaced, cycle will repeat FOREVER.

6. The word 'bae'. 

7. Dreamworks animation. Get your sh#t together Dreamworks. Trolls looks awful and I don't think it can be saved by Anna Kendrick, even though she is a cutie pie. 

So I hope you enjoyed my round up. Please tell me what you don't give a fig about below, and let's be grumpy together! 

'Till the next time!

Erin Lian <3



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