Hanami time in Japan (or, let's eat and drink lots while taking pictures of a cherry blossom tree, yay!)

Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) time is the most popular couple of weeks of the year in Japan. True story.

The beautiful wave of cherry blossoms that sweep over the country is accompanied by a lovely (LOVELY!!!!) tradition of getting together with friends or family, plonking yourselves under a cherry blossom tree, and slowly drinking and munching away while appreciating the beauty of sakura (cherry blossom flowers). 

The banks of the Yoda River in Osaka are currently lined with cherry blossom trees in full bloom. When walking underneath the blossoms, it almost feels as if it is snowing (which is dreamy!). The blossoms only last about two weeks, so you can understand why the people of Japan make sure to enjoy the blooms.

Hanami time does vary depending where you are in Japan - we are in full bloom here in Osaka, but in Hokkaido (the northernmost island of Japan), the blossoms are not due to come out till the very end of this month.

Around Hanami time, a lot of sakura themed products hit the shops. For example, Starbucks serve sakura frappuccinos and cake, the 100 Yen shops sell fake sakura flowers and picnicware, and The Body Shop sells sakura scented perfume.

I had this sakura icecream in Kyoto and, although at first it tasted a little perfume-y, it was delicious and not overly sweet. Also, it was massively cute, and therefore amazing.

I hope you enjoyed this very very pretty post <3 I think next week I will do another cute things post though as, let's face it, we only go on the internet to look at cats or adorable things.

See you next week!

Erin  Lian <3



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