My Favourite Podcasts

Good morning lovely internet people! Today I wanted to talk about podcasts, not only because they became amazingly popular last year (yes, I am talking about you Serial), but because they are genuinely great to listen to on a commute, on a run, doing the washing up, etc. etc..

SO for anyone not yet on the bandwagon, here are my picks:

Woman's Hour

Oh, how to describe Woman's Hour?? It first started in 1946 and has since become a magazine style show that discusses issues from a Feminist perspective (yay Feminism, wooo!!!). Some of the reports can be very heavy listening, but there are a variety of topics in each programme and they are not afraid to discuss ANYTHING. It's brilliant.

Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled

I listen to this on the train and stern looking business people tut at me with their eyes as I giggle uncontrollably. I think that should be persuasion enough! But if you do ACTUALLY want to know what it is about, Alan Davies (a British comedian) has a sit down with a few other comedians/entertainers and they share life experiences/funny things that have happened to them. To summarise, this podcast feels like being in good company.


I really enjoy reading/watching film reviews, and came across Filmspotting when looking for something to listen to on a little run. Filmspotting is quite a long show (about an hour and a half) and does some great in depth reviews of new films. They also discuss great films from the past (called Sacred Cows), and do round ups such as the top five Bond tropes (which are fun).

Fresh Air

Fresh Air does some excellent guest interviews - they tend to be much more in depth (and interesting!) than your usual celebrity interview. Terry Gross, the host, is very adept at talking about sensitive issues without causing friction with the interviewee. Recently, I listened to an episode with Trevor Noah (the new host of the 'Daily Show'). It was fascinating listening about his life in South Africa as someone who is biracial.

So those are my current favs. I subscribe to all of the series above on a podcast app on my tablet called Podcast Addict which I find very easy to use. As I don't have portable WiFi for my tablet, I make sure I download any episodes before I head out the house so I can listen on the go.

Thank you for reading, it was a long'un! If you have any podcast recommendations, please let me know in the comments!

Erin Lian <3



  1. Hi Erin. Interesting post. Try "love and radio" - I think you'll like it.