Magazines in Japan

Oh Magazines in Japan. They're beautiful. And Japan has a LOT of monthly magazines. Of course they have magazines on women's or men's fashion, but they also have titles dedicated to cafes, roadtrips, crafts, cooking, EVERYTHING.

Walk into any convenience store, book shop, etc. in Japan and you'll see someone browsing through the magazines. Interestingly, no one seems to mind if, after a good browse, they didn't buy a magazine as the advertisements inside are still being viewed!

Unfortunately, Japan also has an awful lot of magazines with semi-naked women on, which can be found right next to all the pretty magazines (which was a shock to my Mum) (and me).

If you are interested in learning more about magazines in Japan, I found this article very informative!
I hope you enjoyed this week's post :) Please tell me about your favourite magazines!

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