Cute Things I Like #4

Photo by Diamond Breaker.
Well son of a nutcracker it is 20 degrees over here! Obviously, as an English person, I have been wearing sleeveless tops and banished my coat from my life.
My Japanese friends (who are still, possibly much more sensibly, wearing jumpers/jackets/coats) keep asking me if I am cold and I keep having to tell them that Japanese pre-Spring feels like British summer. I don't feel like I am doing British tourism industry any favours at all. Whoops.

Anyway, here are some cute things to get you through the week:

Cute Thing #1 Chirazushi dish

Another photo by Diamond Breaker.
One of our friends very very kindly gave us some chirazushi to eat for Hina Matsuri (Girl's Day/Doll's Day - if you are interested, you can read more about it here) in this BEAUTIFUL DISH. I have currently taken the dish hostage, but do plan to return it eventually. Japanese lacquer is what dreams are made of. 

Cute Thing #2 Mr and Mrs Pikachu

Pikachus getting married!?! I think the Pokemon Centre are selling the only acceptable wedding gift for 2016. 

Cute Thing #3 The Avengers Tsum Tsums

I am sorry that I don't seem to be able to do a Cute Things post without mentioning TsumTsums but for goodness sake look how adorable Thor's winged helmet is. And Hulk's tiny angry face. Gah!

Well I hope you enjoyed that little round up, I am off to try and absorb as much Vitamin D as my little body can manage. See you next time amigos!!

Erin Lian <3



  1. Another brilliant post Erin. So you know what you are getting for Alex and Haydeh then? :)