We went to a cat cafe!

Yes, you heard it right, we only went and did the most Japanese thing possible!! And it was ADORABLE. (Unfortunately I am allergic to cats, and by the end of our hour at the cafe I thought I might die, but that really is entirely my fault and irrelevant to the actual lovely experience we had). 

SO we went to the FIRST EVER cat cafe in Japan: Neko no Jikan in Osaka! We paid about £6.80 each for an hour at the cafe (which included a little drink). It was much less of a cafe than I imagined, instead much more aimed towards the cats (which is better really). 

There were little polaroids on the wall which gave you the name and some information about each of the cats. 

And quite a variety of cats! Many of whom only perked up when a customer bought chicken to feed to them, or rented cat toys for them to play with. Otherwise they were asleep :). I am pleased to say that it was against the rules to force affection on the cats, so I think they have a pretty good time of it on the whole. Some of the cats looked pretty grumpy though...

The little drink was delicious, and we sat away from the cats while we drank (although that didn't stop them from jumping on the counter!). 

Guidelines for when having your drink. (Not my juice!)
The rest of the time was spent sitting about with the cats and giving them a nice stroke -  when they permitted it of course!

All in all, a pretty lovely way to spend an hour in Japan! So what do you think? Cat cafes: yay or nay?

Erin Lian <3



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