Cute Things I Like #3

Happy Chocolate Is On Sale Day lovely readers! I hope you all had a great weekend. It was unseasonably warm here this weekend which made the return on the cold feel quite cruel haha! (I always feel very British whenever I complain about the weather *sings national anthem*.)

 Cute Thing #1 Universal City Walk

Well this is a rather big thing, and maybe not cute in an adorable way, but I do like it and I'm in charge SO IT'S GOING IN THE BLOGPOST.

I really love going to Universal City Walk. Music is playing as you walk along (like the inside of USJ) and there is a huge variety of exciting restaurants and shops. There is also an arcade where I loose all my 100 yens trying to get tiny cute toys of Snoopy etc. from the grabby machines.

The atmosphere is always buzzy too. Excited people walking towards the entrance of USJ or tired but happy USJ-ers with novelty popcorn buckets and Harry Potter bags. It's a good place to hang out!

Cute Thing #2 Tiny Plum Blossom Trees

Well, I mean, who wouldn't want to have a tiny plum blossom tree?

The cherry blossom trees haven't started to bloom yet but a few of the plum blossom trees have little tiny flowers on now. Lovely.

Cute Thing #3

And coming in at number 3, a surprise to no-one, we have more ornamental cabbage!! Yay! They remind me of the inelegant beauty of daffodils and they are just so cheery :). I love them <3. 

I hope you enjoyed that slightly weird round up of cute things this week! What is going on where you are? :)

Erin Lian <3



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