Cute Things I Like #2

Special Tsum Tsum to celebrate the Year of the Monkey. KAWAII!! (Cute)

Well blow me down it's nearly February. Oh bloody hell it is February. My January has been spent finishing all my Christmas chocolate, and then starting on my BF's stash (sorry BF). ANYWAY, on to the cute things!!!!

#1. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu hot chocolate!!

Cool Japan is back at USJ! Cool Japan is a special event at Universal Studios Japan comprising of temporary rides or walkthroughs from Japanese pop culture. This year, Cool Japan features Attack on Titan, Monster Hunter, Evangelion, Biohazard 2: The Escape, and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. 

Kyary is a Japanese fashion model and singer, and has the bestest/cutest/weirdest songs, possibly in the whole wide world. For example, my favourite song of hers is Tsukema Tsukeru, which is about putting on false eyelashes.

Genius. I think she is a little famous in the USA for being an influence to Katy Perry. 

Back to USJ. So obviously I had to have a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu XR - The Ride hot chocolate. The paper cup had a cute face on to make you look funny when you drank, was topped with cream and sweeties, and was generally delicious and immensely sugary. 

They also had Kyary churros, but alas, my blood sugar level couldn't take it. 

The ride itself was one of the weirdest experiences I have ever had at an amusement park: you wore goggles through which you could see Kyary's 'factory' but not your own body or the person next to you. And then it was a roller coaster. So weird. But very cute. :D.

#2. Tsum Tsum toys

1000% sure I need them all. Gah. 

#3. Gachapon

Gachapon or Gashapon (machines which release a little toy/collectible figure/keyring in return for one or two coins) are extremely popular in Japan and I completely understand why. The toys are ADORABLE. I already have an Olaf keyring, but I really fancy a Stormtrooper (third from the left on the bottom) and would very much like the whole set of cat themed tiny kitchen equipment (third from the right on the top). Sigh. 

I hope you had a good January! What are you enjoying this month?

Erin Lian <3