Cute Things I Like #1

Oh Japan, you (freezing freezing cold) beauty. We have been back about a week now, and we are still getting back into the swing of things. Like wearing 3 pairs of socks AT ALL TIMES.
Jet lag aside (what did I ever do to you body clock??), I have still managed to find time for some adorableness:

When this whole colouring book craze started, I thought it was nice but maybe not my thing - much like team sports or eating healthily. However, BF bought me a Disney colouring book from Tokyu Hands and it is so calming - the same sort of peacefulness I feel when baking. 34645 thumps up.

Cross stiching is bitchin'. Cross stitch all the things! (Then read some Hyperbole and a Half.)

My friend bought me some Inside Out sticky notes for my Christmas. Pure joy. Tee hee. (If you don't get the joke, for the love of goodness stop reading my blog and go and watch Inside Out.)

What are you finding cute at the moment?

Erin Lian <3