At the supermarket!


Some things are the same but different:

Loaves of bread in Japan usually have a maximum of 6 slices and each slice is at least twice as thick as a slice from the UK. Also - NO CRUSTS! (Where do they go??)

In the basket starting from the top left going clockwise, we've got: carrots, lotus root, pumpkin, and aubergine.

But some things were a bit of a mystery!:

The picture below is of a vegetable called okra. which we call ladies' fingers, but I don't think I had ever seen or eaten this before I came to Japan. P.S. I don't really recommend eating okra (unless you were the person who used to eat glue as a child, in which case it's is right up your alley).

See those long thin brown things on the top left? Those are gobou, or to us, burdock. (I'm aware that I'm sounding quite knowledgeable at this point, but I googled a lot).

Haven't got the foggiest about any of these things (??!!). My bad. 

Here is some fresh seafood:

Yes, those were snails. 

Below are some packets of nabe stock. Nabe is a hot pot dish where you put tofu, cabbage, leeks, chicken (anything!) into a big ceramic pot and boil it using the nabe stock. It is very very delicious and people eat it here a lot (as do I :)). It is very quick, tasty, and healthy. ANYWAY, the nabe stock comes in many flavours, such as: chicken, sea food, kimchi, sesame and soy milk, etc. YUM. 

I hope you enjoyed your tour of a Japanese supermarket :)

Erin Lian <3



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