100 Yen shops! Or my favourite places in the whole world that aren't Disneylands or USJ


It is very hard to give you an honest account of Japan's 100 Yen shops, as I just want to write 'I LOVE THEM, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH', repeatedly, while crying into my keyboard. However, I will battle on. 

100 Yen shops are very similar to the pound shops popular in the U.K. They sell a huge variety of goods, such as: 
  • food
  • cleaning products
  • small electricals
  • stationary
  • cosmetics
  • kitchen supplies
  • cutlery and crockery
  • craft supplies 
The variety of goods is astonishing. They are all RIDICULOUSLY cute, and of reasonable to good quality. 

At the moment, 100 yen is about 60p. Japan currently has a tax of 8% on goods, so most items at the 100 yen shop will actually come to 108 yen at the till. Some goods sold in store can cost up to 300 yen, but the majority of items cost about £0.64 (hooray!!). 

100 yen items that bring me joy: 
  • cleaning sponges/brushes that have faces (gah!!)
  • washi tape (paper tape) that come in many cute patterns
  • tissues that have cute characters on the packaging

Things that you can buy in 100 Yen shops which I find incredibly disconcerting:
  • Ear piercing kits 
  • Syringes with needles (3rd row down on the right)

Unfortunately, 100 yen shops are so enjoyable to look about in that they also cost hours of your life. 

If the delicious food or beautiful landscapes don't tempt you to Japan, you should probably go for the 100 Yen shops.

I hope you enjoyed your little tour! Mata ne! See you!

Erin Lian <3