Christmas is here!

Some of the Christmas goods on display at the 100 Yen shop.
Christmas in Japan is ridiculously cute (see any picture posted below).

I think Japan does quite a secular version of Christmas, so it has a bit of a different feel to Christmas in merry old England. One of my favourite things about Christmas is all the twinkly lights, and Japan really goes for it. There are A LOT of very big illuminations (Christmas light displays) in city centres, shopping centres, and public spaces. For example, Universal Studios has this bad boy:
The Christmas tree at Universal Studios Japan, which is recognised by Guinness World Records as having the most lights on an artificial tree - 360,000!
However, people tend not to decorate the outside of their houses as they would in England.

Some families do have Christmas trees - they tend to be artificial and maybe 3 or 4 foot tall. You can buy very cute decorations in the 100 Yen Shop (which is ridiculously nicer than Poundland).

The children I know in Japan do get presents from Santa san (Santa Claus) but I think it is not the (rather sizeable) amount that children in England receive. I think this is because children are given money on New Year's Day. Christmas is often thought of as a holiday for couples here, whereas New Year is family time. The girls I know are going to buy Fukubukuro (lucky bags) with their New Year money - cute!

FINALLY, fried chicken IS popular to eat on Christmas day in Japan (so much so, you need to order ahead of time!). Ovens here are usually quite small and live on the counter top, therefore most people can't roast a chicken at home. So - KFC! Or Mos Burger (a Japanese fast food chain):

It's just so cute, I can't even.

I hope you found learning about Christmas in Japan interesting :) Only 10 days to go now!!!

Erin Lian <3

P.S. I am only writing from my experiences of Japan, I am no expert, sorry!