DIY Advent Calendar

As a person who spends a good 9 months of the year waiting for Christmas to arrive, I really enjoy any excuse to do fun crafty things while watching Christmas specials and cuddling one of those beanie bags you warm up in the microwave.
One of my favourite Christmas traditions is the advent calendar, and for the past few years I have made my own for a few special people. This year, I mixed it up with a variety of simple little parcels and origami envelopes.

Here are some of the presents from one of this year's calendars:

My suggestions for little Christmassy gifts to wrap up or put inside your calendar are:
  1. Cute handwritten jokes. (E.g. How does Good King Wencelas like his pizzas? One that's deep, and crisp, and even! HAHAHAHA. Ahem.)
  2. Nail varnish, nail stickers, etc.
  3. Lego
  4. Key rings
  5. Face masks
  6. Cute plasters
  8. Little Christmas decorations
  9. Stationary (rubbers, pencils, etc.)
  10. Little toys (like bouncy balls, paper planes)
  11. Jewellery (for the big spenders out there)
  12. Hanging air fresheners for cars
I really love using envelopes for my calendars, but they can be awkward for difficult shaped presents. However, if you want to make your own origami envelopes (or pom poms!), I found these links really useful:
Origami envelopes
Pom poms

42 days to go everyone! I would love to hear any of your advent calendar ideas :)

Erin Lian <3



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