Sunday, 16 September 2012

Girl makes... Homemade Nutella!

As we all know, Nutella is one of the major food groups and should be eaten about three times a day. Naturally I had to try and make my own. 

I used a recipe from the lovely blogger The Eccentric Cook. The ingredients are only chocolate (I used a mix of dark and milk), evaporated milk, hazelnuts and milk.

Melted chocolate and evaporated milk are combined with ground down hazelnuts, then hot milk is added till your chocolate spread is to the consistency you prefer. It worked an absolute treat. I did find when puree-ing the hazelnuts it took a long time, and I wonder if my hazelnuts would have ground down smoother if I had left it to puree longer. But I think my machine would have started smoking.

This version is grainier than Nutella, and has a slightly tackier texture. However, it is not to say it is absolutely delicious. I had my jar spoonful by spoonful in two days. I would make some in future to use as chocolate sauce by heating it with some milk to make it runny. I would also put a big spoonful in hot milk for hot chocolate :)

I garnered two jars out of my batch, but I think it would have made more had I not eaten so much of the mixture as I went along/had a less thick consistency. However, it was worth eating so much of the mixture and I actually think it is impossible not to, therefore I say it makes two jars.

I would very much recommend giving it a go - I am giving one jar away as a present with biscuits the right shape to dip right into the jar with :D

Let me know what you think. I would also love to hear how you get your three portions of Nutella a day. Possibly to make me feel less bad about my own addiction.

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  1. That would make such a cute gift! I love the way you wrapped it. By the spoonful is the way! hehe You can also make these if you're feeling fancy. They're so yummy :)